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Owe amount changed

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Owe amount changed

I disputed a collection on my CR, and it came back different. It first shows that I owed $527, now it shows $528. Can they change the amount that was owed? With this my score drooped 5 points.

Starting Score: (myFICO pulled) TU 618, EQ 578
Current Score: (myFICO pulled) TU 654, EQ 642
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Re: Owe amount changed

Yes, as the debt matures, if your account agreement permits continued accrual of interest on unpaid debt, and what agreemen doesnt?

They still dont have money provided to you.

As a matter of fact, those reporting to your credit file are required to update previously reported information so as to maintain its accuracy, so it can be argued that not only is it proper, it is required.

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