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PFD = Closed and returned to OC? OC is bankrupt & no longer in business

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PFD = Closed and returned to OC? OC is bankrupt & no longer in business

I sent out a PFD on an account that i owed less than $100 on.  I offered to PIF.  (btw, it's a Collection with a CA).


Well I received a letter back stating this:


Please be advised, your account has been closed by this office and returned to your creditor.


We have instructed the credit bureau(s) to delete the account.  We cannot control the spped in which the credit bureau(s) will act upon this request.  Should you wish to confirm the deletion, we recommend checking back with the bureaus in approximately thirty (30) days.


We trust this resolves your concerns.


In accordance with Federal Law, we are required to make the folloing statement:

this is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.  This communication is sent by a debt collector.



And that's the letter.  


What does it mean sent to the OC?  Can they come back and get me?  Where do I go from here?  Also, does it make a difference that the OC is Movie Gallery, a company that is no longer in business after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and closing all of their stores?  Did I just get lucky and get a deletion that I won't end up paying?

Do I wait to see if i get anything from the OC or wait and see if something more pops up on my CR?  CR was only showing the account with the CA?

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