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PFD: Dispute or Wait for Next Reporting Cycle?

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PFD: Dispute or Wait for Next Reporting Cycle?

I just settled a debt with Midland for 40% of the amount owed thanks to advice on this forum. I could have waited it out and tried to settle for less but after just two calls about 10 days apart they went from a 60% offer to 40% which I took because I need a home loan (which I did not tell them). The account is eligible for pay for delete, which they confirmed during our conversation that I recorded (one party consent for phone recording is legal in my state). I’m eager to turn my credit around around quickly. Should I open a dispute and attach the phone recording as proof or wait for midland to delete it I. The next reporting cycle? I don’t want to hold this up by opening a dispute but if it could help it drop off sooner I will. Its reported to all 3 credit bureaus. Is it better to dispute or wait with any of the three credit bureaus? I was thinking of disputing with EQ because my score is lowest there and i have the most to gain and least to lose. Any thoughts or advice?
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Re: PFD: Dispute or Wait for Next Reporting Cycle?

I recently did exactly what you did. I paid 3 accounts I had with Midland that were eligible for PFD and immediately disputed them, probably 1 day after I paid them. That may have been a mistake on my part. I had to continue to dispute them from each of the credit bureaus because for some reason they were not coming off. I disputed them through the Midland website on top of each burearu as well. They all eventually came off my report but I think if I could go back I would probably just wait the 30 days they say and if they weren't removed by then I would dispute. I was impatient just like most are but I've come to realize this process is a mararthon, not a sprint. Good luck to you.


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Re: PFD: Dispute or Wait for Next Reporting Cycle?

I would just wait for them to do their thing. They will get it done it is their policy now to remove them if they say they will. If its not done in a reasonable amount of time 60 days or less then I would contact them to see whats up. Welcome to the board Smiley Happy

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