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PFD Help with First Premier/Jefferson Capital Systems


PFD Help with First Premier/Jefferson Capital Systems

I currently have two unpaid closed cards with FP.  I've validated the debt and sent a PFD which was declined.  Once balance is $447.37 & the other $499.13.  The PFD I sent was for 50% of the balance which is what they send me in the pay off letters.  Anyone had success with a PFD with them.  It's set to fall off 9/20, I really want it removed from my credit as the goal is to purchase a home in the future, so I'm willing to move on to another item that needs to be paid and let this one be if they won't delete it.

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Re: PFD Help with First Premier/Jefferson Capital Systems

FP will not entertain a PFD or Goodwill -  it's even stated as policy on their website. 


In all honesty, the only way to get FP to remove an account is to prove that they are reporting innaccurately.  To do so, you would have to obtain hard (paper) copies of your reports from all 4 bureaus (they also report to Innovis) and review for errors /innacuries.   Hard copy reports show more detailed information than online / web versions and display data in the exact way the creditor is reporting it.     It is also a good idea to gather any copies of your billing statements to check against the info reported to the bureaus  (did they, by chance, send you copies of your statements when they validated the debt?). 


If any innacuracies or errors are found, you would have grounds for filing a Direct Dispute, (Notice of Direct Dispute under the provisions of FCRA §623(a)(8)(D) and 16 CFR 660.4).  This type of dispute would be filed directly with First Premier - not through the credit bureaus - by mail, and would detail any discrepencies in their reporting across the bureaus along with a demand that they remove the tradeline.   Note: They do not have to remove the tradeline, they can simply opt to correct the errors - but since the account is so old, they may be more inclined to remove it altogether.    They will respond to you by mail with their decision within a couple of weeks -- they are actually pretty quick with responding.    


If no innacuracies / errors are found, then you will unfortunately be stuck with this tradeline until it reaches the 7 year reporting statute.  You'll have to decide for yourself whether or not to pay / settle the debts or ride it out with the outstanding balance until late 2020.     


Good luck!



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