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PFD Question


PFD Question

I was contacted by a collection agency and have confirmed with the original creditor that they are collecting on my account.


I have not received a dunning notice and nothing has been reported on my credit report yet.


Should I wait to send a PFD letter until I see it on my report?

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Re: Pay for delete question


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Re: Pay for delete question

If it's not on your report yet, maybe paying would keep it from ever being reported? I had an overdraft at a Credit Union and when I went to pay it, they said they would take the payment and let the collection agency know I had paid it. It never showed up on my report.
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Re: Pay for delete question

sge760 wrote:

Background:  I live in California -  I believe our SOL is 4 years.  The account I have in question (Cox cable/internet) is a little over 2 years since my last payment and the amount owed is $350.   My credit report says it was being collected by Allied Interstate, so I contacted them and they told me they no longer handle this account. They were very helpful and sent me a "no longer placed" letter and said they would contact the credit reporting agencies to have it removed. (This was about 2 weeks ago, so I'm still waiting for it to be deleted)


Then I proceeded to call Cox directly to see if they were now handling the account, but a new company is, (Progressive Financial Services), and I have no signs of them on my credit report.  


My question: Should I wait until Progressive Financial shows up on my credit report to begin written communication about pay for delete, or should I move forward with negotiations?  I'm worried they will mention they can't do a PFD because nothing has been reported yet, then as soon as I pay they will report a "paid in full".    Has anyone in the past had success with negotiating a PFD with this company?  

You could contact them and see if they would agree to not report if you paid them.  I would not wait for them to report before you contacted them.

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Re: Pay for delete question

I had a similar case. I received a letter saying that they were going to start the collection process for a debt I owed. I looked it up on my credit report and it wasn't there. It took me a little while to figure out what it was for, but when I did I called them and paid it. It never showed up on my report.

If it's not on your reports yet, it's easier to keep it off, than it is to take if off once it appears.

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Re: PFD Question

Since they made initial communication, you can at least temporarily block credit reporting by sending them an immediate DV.

Of course, they can simply provide verification, and immediately report, but some reprieve.


They also apparently are in violation of FDCPA 809(b), having intitiated communication without sending you dunning notice within 5 days.

For the cost of two stamps, you can file a complaint with the FTC and cc: a copy to the debt collector, letting them know that you are an aware consumer.

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