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PFD Success with Accelerated Financial!


PFD Success with Accelerated Financial!

So I was recently pre approved for an FHA Home loan. I am officialy under contract. Before my LO sent everything to underwriting she took another look at things. I had a collection account on my report from a repo. They ran the numbers and said if I were to settle it and get it deleted my mid score would jump to 700. 


I called AFS and settled for 2500 on a 8k collection. Literally while I was on the phone with them i received the letter statiing The TL would be deleted upon payment!!!


It was a seasy as calling them up!

Starting Score: EQ-563 TU-515 EX-578 VANTAGE-609 September 2013
Current Score: EQ-639 TU-627 EX-625 VANTAGE 662
Goal Score: 700 All Around

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Re: PFD Success with Accelerated Financial!

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