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PFD advice?


PFD advice?


    I have an unpaid collection account on my CR that I need to have gone ASAP.  I will have the cash available foor payments in a couple of weeks.  I want to get a PFD, I have never done this before.  Time is way past time for DV so PFD is what I need to do.  This is from EOS CCA, they list their client as US Asset Management Inc, OC is AT&T Mobility.  Their letter list this:

Principal $879.80

Interest $0.00

Fees/Coll Costs $161.97

Total Due  $1041.77


I need this gone asap as I am looking to try to buy a house soon.


Advice I need:

What format should I use for PFD letter?

How much should I offer to be sure to get a response? (PIF would be fine)

Any other advice that would help get this resolved.


I thank in advance anyone who takes the time to help



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Re: PFD advice?

A PFD offer is a private contract offer, and as such is not based on any statutory or regulatory requirements. 

As such, form letters are not that helpful, as the basis for your request depends upon your own cirumstances.

The essential language is that you offer payment in exchange for their agreement to timely delete all prior reporting of their collection from your credit file, and consider the debt to be legally satisfied.


Acceptance of a PFD offer is totally optional, and such deletions are technically contrary to their credit reporting agreements with the CRAs.  The sweeter your offer, the better the liklihood of acceptance.  Due to the fact that PFDs are normally hard to obtain, if you want your best chances of acceptance, I would offer the full amount.

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