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PFD changed to paid but didn't delete

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PFD changed to paid but didn't delete

Hi guys,

I had a written agreement with enhanced recovery for unconditional deletion upon payment for an old medical debt. I paid by certified finds and they changed my report to be a zero balance paid collection... Which is NOT what we agreed on.

My question is, what is my best course of action to make them hold up their end of the bargain and fix it? Isn't our written agreement binding?

Thanks for any help you all can give. I am so frustrated... Thought I did everything right.

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Re: PFD changed to paid but didn't delete

Sorry you had to go through this, but a couple of things to check.


-- Did you write the agreement yourself, and got them to sign it?  If so (yes), did you request that it be signed by an authorized representative?

-- Can edit post a sanitized copy (remove all personal details) of the agreement for others here to review?


Depending on the content of the agreement, you might have some recourse in law to enforce it.  Some would suggest that you send a copy of the agreement to the CRAs - but lets see what others say about that.


In the meantime, you write a letter to the CA (with a copy of the agreement enclosed) requesting them to delete according to the terms of the agreement.



Rgds, Oy

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Re: PFD changed to paid but didn't delete

Try contacting the OC or EHR directly.  This very same thing happened to me with credit protection associates just yesterday.  I did PFD with the OC.  They agreed to have CPA delete.  They updated my report as PAID on 11/2.  I was furious lol!  I called the OC and turns out that CPA updated as paid on 11/2 because that's the day they normally update the bureaus but didn't delete the account until 11/6 so the deletion could take 6-8 weeks.  I'm hoping by 12/2 I won't see it.  I also confirmed this with CPA.  In the  meantime they emailed me proof of the letter that they submitted to all three credit bureaus requesting the deletion.  Good luck!

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Re: PFD changed to paid but didn't delete

+1  It sometimes take a bit for them to delete.

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Re: PFD changed to paid but didn't delete

If you have a written agreement, I would head to small claims court.

He said/she said could go on forever.  You have a valid contract issue.  That is what the courts are for.


The CRAs are not judges of private agreements.  Additionally, deletion based on payment of a debt is directly contrary to CRA policy.

Asking the CRA to enforce a contract issue is beyond their authority, and the reason asserted for the deletion is contrary to their policy.

I would not involve the CRAs.

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Re: PFD changed to paid but didn't delete

Thank you all for your replies. Sorry for the delay in response, I'm out of state right now and limited access to internet free time. I did write the letter myself, but used the wording found from these boards. I don't  have the file with me right now, but I do know that they sent a letter back that explicitly said they would "submit a request for unconditional deletion of the account from all reports". 


I am somewhat heartened to hear that this can take some time and might only appear as "paid" temporarily before deletion. I'm hoping for that alternative! I'll keep checking, and if it's not gone soon I'll keep trying to contact the CA and if that goes no where I'll look at small claims options. I have no clue what I'm doing in that regard, so I hope it doens't come to that.


Thanks again everyone, I really really really appreciate the support and advice!

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Re: PFD changed to paid but didn't delete


So I called Concentric Receivables Management (the CA) via the number on their website, and they were incredibly nice. In fact, phone rang once and a LIVE person answered immediately and was able to help me. Apparently you all were right, they submitted it for deletion 11/14/12, it's just TU who hasn't processed it yet. Apparently it is common for it to switch to paid first, just like you all mentioned. Now to sit and stare at my credit report until it changes!! :-P

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