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PFD for $3 ???

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PFD for $3 ???

So I have this stupid collection from Asset Acceptance for $3.

Originally it was a GEMB/Men's Warehouse line of credit that went to collections. The account was sold to a Asset Acceptance, and sold to to another CA and to another and finally to a place called Intelenet Global, which is who I paid the $180 to have it settled... unfortunately at the time I didn't know what a PFD was, so I just paid them via CC over the phone.

After getting my reports and attacking my baddies, I saw that I had the original charged off account from GEMB and a collection from Asset Acceptance with a balance of $3 (nothing from Intelenet). So I DV'd and Disputed with the CRA. Debt came back validates but the balance was updated from $3 to $0.

Fast forward a few months later and it now shows up with a $3 balance again!

Any chance Asset would accept a PFD for $3? What about the fact that it went to 0 and is now back to 3, does that give me anything to use with the CRA's in showing that it's not a valid debt? (I also have proof of payment to the final CA).

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Re: PFD for $3 ???

Oh...I'd definately do the PFD...I'd even offer to buy them subway for lunch if they'd do it immediately!! It'll only cost ya $10 total!  Smiley Wink

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Re: PFD for $3 ???

Any I though my cousins $17 collection was ridiculous...I think you should offer a PFD...and they should be ashamed of themselves...if they don't accept...
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