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PFD if I don't dispute the validity of the debt?

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PFD if I don't dispute the validity of the debt?

I have two medical collection accounts from the same CA. One is from 2004 and listed as open, with the pay status as Payment after Chargeoff/Collection, with the account type listed as Open. The second account from 2003, listed as a collection account and is open. The SOL is 7 years on both, so I'd rather take care of these debts now. I was sick in 2002, with these charges coming as a result of treatment I'm sure, so I'm not really disputing the validity of the debt. How can I go about constructing a PFD if I'm not disputing the validity? Should I make something up? Thanks in advance.
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Re: PFD if I don't dispute the validity of the debt?

You could modify the PFD to omit the dispute portion.
However, I don't recommend it.
A PFD is basically a goodwill gesture between you and the creditor. If you owe money and they don't accept a PFD (and they don't have to accept), then your letter may be seen as an admission of liability that you owe. Nothing would stop them from then suing. Far-fetched? Nope, I've read a small number of cases like that happening.
In fact, a DV first is recommended. Not only are you challenging it, but it gives the CA an opportunity to lay out the exact cost for which you can PFD later.
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