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PFD letter

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PFD letter

What amount do I list when writing a PFD letter when the amount of a particular debt is showing different(lower) than what the collection letter/agency is saying I owe?



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Re: PFD letter

You decide. Make the assumption the letter is correct and the CRA is reporting a lower balance. You can always settle for a lesser amt., even lower than what the CRs show.

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Re: PFD letter

Did you DV the debt collector?

Until they have obtained verification from the creditor and reported that amount to you, you dont have input from the creditor or an itemization of the asserted debt from the debt collector.  A primary purpose of the DV process is to provide the consumer that information in their decision making.


If you have sent a DV to the debt collector, and it was timely, then they are under a cease collection bar, and should not be negotiating a PFD until they provide verification obatined from the creditor.


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