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PFD percentages?

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PFD percentages?

i am just so tired of trying to get these taken off my CRA's. i have tried 2 dv's, sent everything to the CRA'S, and yet they won't accept anything. i am to the point where i will pay just to have it gone. they don't seem to have to follow the laws set forth and weasle thier ways out of it somehow. here is the amounts
1,096.00 - got a letter saying they would accept 550.00.
1,600.00 - got a letter saying they would accept like 670.00.
now, i am not going to pay them no where near that. i am just looking for a ballpark figure to offer.
TU - 661 5/24/11
EQ - 640 5/24/11
EX - 671 5/24/11
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Re: PFD percentages?

Make sure you get the PFD in writing, It depends on age but i start off with a 20% offer if its outside SOL. stick to it it may take them a while to accept.  They are more likely to accept it at the end of the month to meet their quota for a bonus.

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