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Hello to all

I just reviewed my CR and notice a medical bill (ambulance service) I have been disputing  between my Insurance the hospital and the Ambulance Co. just went to collections and my fico took a 95 point hit.


Against my better judgment I'd be willing to send a PFD letter if it would return my FICO score

I really need my scores up

Thanks in advance Santino

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I presume that you had prior reporting by the OC, and then the reporting of a CA by the debt collector.

So you apparantly have both OC and CA reporting to deal with.

I would have the preliminary considerations of who now owns the debt, and is the debt still under your state SOL?  Collection reporting does not equal debt collector ownership.

Advice on PFD offers depends on these two considerations.



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I have a similar problem. I have been disputing three medical bills from May 2008. I then moved to canada and back and found the bills in my credit score. I have never been late for any payments but in the last three months i separated from my husband and he cancelled the joint credit card with a 29,000 limit. All i have is a lowes card with no interest for 12 months and a credit limit of 1000 dollars that used to buy a new washer. I have no debt and make good money yet my score is 590. Im in shock. I called ics and told them that i was willing to pay the debt eventhough i did not agree with the charge. I paid one bill but then i realized that it might not help my credit score. I have old letters disputing the charge with the hospital but now i wonder if: Should i pay the hospital the remaining two balances or the CA? With whom should I negotiate the PFD? I would like to erase the "paid" deliquent account I had asked Chase to reopen my account but got no answer. That is when i looked at my credit score. I now have no credit cards. What do i do to get my utilization down. Its at 100 percent because the 1000 in lowes that i got for my washer. I will hate to pay it off especially bevause i get no insterest for 12 momths. What can i do? Please help! Some advice would be appreciated.
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