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PRA Settlement reneged

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PRA Settlement reneged

I have completed 5 settlement agreements on accounts with PRA in the amount of a 65% discount. Upon completion of the payments, I learned that PRA has not deleted the tradelines or updated the account status'. WHen I called PRA, they informed me that several of my payments were returned by my bank as NSF. WHen I check my banking records, all payments submitted were properly posted to my account.

It appears that PRA is using this deception practice as a way to obtain additional funds above and beyond the settlement agreements.

I have sent emails and ;eft messages with their dispute department and have not hear from PRA is over a week.

All 5 accounts are still showing as collections and charge offs and the accounts were settled over 60 days ago.


Seems I have to revert to legal action and litigation to get them to fulfill their settlement agreements.

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Re: PRA Settlement reneged

Just because the payments cleared doesn't mean they had to be submitted more than once. Typically if payments are scheduled for autopay, they'll be submitted over and over until they go through, or the attempts are exhausted. Whether or not you get an nsf depends on the bank or credit union. Your bank confirmed that there weren't multiple attempts for payments? PRA sticks to their word. Don't think I've ever seen them not follow through. 

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