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Paid in full 2 days after charge off status

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Paid in full 2 days after charge off status

I called capital one and paid my husbands credit card balance in full , then found out it had been charged off two days prior. I was paying this balance to improve his score, but now I realize this is going to be a huge hit! They said they can’t delete it or report it any other way. We are looking to try and get a mortgage in the next four months or so, and I’m very stressed about how this will effect everything! Any suggestions on how I can get it removed? Or how I can get his score up relatively quickly? Any help would be much appreciated!!!
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Re: Paid in full 2 days after charge off status

Sorry to be the bearor of bad news.This charge off will tank your score unfortuneually on this account I am pretty certain that this account has late payments that run 30-160 days late for each month.So that means your score was tanked long  before the co.If this information is accurate then it probbily remain on your cr for seven years for each negative item.Reguardless if the account remains or not your in the right place to start rebuilding.

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Re: Paid in full 2 days after charge off status

For credit reporting purposes, the issue as to whether a charge-off is reportable is whether or not the creditor took that action while the debt was delinquent, and not when the delinquency was overcome, such as by payment of the debt, or when they chose to report the fact of the charge-off to the CRAs.


The date that a creditor reports a charge-off is not their statement of when they took that action.

All you know when a CO is reported is that they took that accounting action at some prior point in time.

The date that a creditor takes that accounting action is not reported to the CRAs, and the CRAs have no code for storing that date in their files.

They only date required to be reported once a creditor reports that they have taken a CO is the date of first delinquency that preceded the CO.

More specifically, FCRA 623(a)(5) requires that a creditor report the DOFD no later than 90 days after the date they choose to report that they have taken a CO.


Unless you can show the date that they took the charge-off AND that the account was not delinquent at that time, then there is no basis for disputing the accuracy of the charge-off.


If you dispute, you will likely build ill-will, thus decreasing your chance of their good-will deletion of the accurate reporting.

I would advise pursuing good-will requests rather than pursuing confrontation by disputing.

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Re: Paid in full 2 days after charge off status

Yes, I realize I will probably not get anywhere with a dispute. I’m considering a goodwill letter, but I hear it’s not typically granted with capital one. I’m also considering a secured credit card to help get his score up faster. The capital one was his only credit card, other than that he had an old charged off acct from 4 years ago, and two current car loans with steady on time payments. His score as of now is in the Low 500’s because of the hits from his cc late payments, and I know it’s about to take another one now. Any chance with a secured card and all on time payments, he can get it back to 580 by June/July? That’s when we wanted to start the preapproval process. Technically it only needs to be at 500, but we were hoping for minimum 580.
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Re: Paid in full 2 days after charge off status

I don’t think 580 is possible with recent baddies, but does he have any installment loans? If not there’s a chance for a pretty good rebound. If I were him, I would apply for both an OpenSky cc and self lender loan. Both require no credit check. I would keep the OpenSky at 9% utilization and pay the Self lender loan upto 70% and make positive pay history for the next 6 months. Hopefully could get a good boost. Good luck!

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