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Paid off CCs - Can't wait for Score Increase!

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Re: Paid off CCs - Can't wait for Score Increase!

Thanks for your feedback and experience - it so good to hear what others have experienced. It seems like I'm entering that territory now - allowing time to heal.


All of my 4 active CCs have a $0 balance. I think 2 of them have a late or two on at least one of the CRAs (GWs removed many lates, but sometimes not from all CRAs) so I'm within 6 months of having all existing lates being at least 2 years old. I sent GWs like mad woman but on a few of my TLs (especially SL accounts), I had no luck so I will just have to let those age as well.


I have one LOC that still has a balance that I am simply paying down over time but in the next year I will have a 0% utilization (at about 48% now with the LOC).


You said that you see a 6-15 point increase each month on your various CRs - how old are your most recent baddies??



Mid-2010 Starting Scores: FAKO EQ 476 FAKO EX 506 FICO TU98 575
July 2017 Current Scores: Approx 710 (waiting for official updates)
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