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Paid off my debt in full, now what?

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Paid off my debt in full, now what?


In 2007 I was knee deep or maybe chin deep in cc debt. Trying to make up for what the ex-spouse would not cover I did it with credit. Anywho, one of my creditors recommended a particular CCCS whom I went with and I paid every dime of what I owed. It took a bit over 4 yrs. I was told by them that I needed to cut the cards and close the accounts that were still open which I did. From that point on I paid cash for everything I bought and if I did not have the cash I did not buy it~ such a nice concept!. When I started my score was touching the floors in the 500 room. Currently, I am stretching in the mid-600's . My goal is get it to 700.


My question is this: I have 15 negatives in my credit report based from the CC accounts that I had fallen behind with. Even though they are at a zero balance the ugly red flag shines way to bright. I know that these guys are supposed to drop off after 7 yrs. Is that 7 yrs from the payoff date, 7 yrs from the the last overdue payment date or 7 yrs before I die? They all show zero balances and paid in full as agreed. 

Any information and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.


In addition, I was checking my FICO score like I do every several months. There has not been a change. I noticed that one CC company where I was not outstanding with was still on my report. I had filed a dispute in Jan of this stating that I did not have balance with that company as the report states. I called the CC company and they agreed that I did not have a balance. It still shows up on here so I called this evening. I had the pleasure of speaking to a young lady whom might have been sitting a desk far away from the U.S. I hope not but, it sounded like it. She said that she saw on the report when I first asked and then, when I asked her why it still appeared after I filed a dispute she stated that it was deleted and that I am looking at an old report. I would think that the online reports are new and updated? She continued to assure me that it was deleted. I asked her if she deleted it and she said no. Now. I am not going to waste my cell phone minutes talking in circles with someone sitting at their desk in edited. I thanked and then proceeded to stay good bye which she chimed in if she could help me further. I had to say no because us Southerners cannot understand someone who has no draw and does not pronounce all their letters currently as Merriam Webster suggests.


I opened up a cc in April of which has a high balance which I plan to pay off by May 2013. That is my only cc. I keep getting invites from former creditors but, I really do not want to get a bunch of card this time. So with 1 cc and an account at my bank my debt to credit ratio showed 70% even though all 20 accounts were paid in full. With the credit that I have vs. the amount I owe that is where the issue is- I guess because I do not have enough cards to balance. But I do not want CC. So do I open another one up and just stick in my drawer. Or should I make one charge and pay it off ASAP? I want to get a new car within the next 3 years and I really need my score to get closer to 700 so I can get a decent rate.


I am new here so pardon my lonnnnng note. I must also mention that I am nearing retirement. I have 3 yrs left including this current year. None of my retirement account was affected by my CC frenzy. But I fear that if I do not purchase a new car before I retire I might have difficulty when I do not have a job. My mom was denied credit for something and she is 75 yrs old and retired. I do not want to join her boat.


Again, any advice, suggestions are appreciated. If you have something negative/not nice thing to say hold it in because I am not interested.


Thank you.




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Re: Paid off my debt in full, now what?

The 15 accounts that are bad.  You say they are all paid.  This is good.  You can send a GW to them asking for a deletion.  As far as the 7 years, were the CO'd?  Are they from the OC or did they have CAs?  We need more info.


Yes, get another CC, sock drawer it, you need revolving credit for scores.


Read these threads, they'll help you get started.                                                                



Welcome to the forums!!!  Good Luck!




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