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Pay Collections not on report?

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Pay Collections not on report?

Hi, I have a collection that is legitimate not on my credit report.  The statue of limitations will be reached later this year.  I do not want this to hit my credit report, and am willing to pay.  If I call and pay in full or a payment plan, will this ensure they don't report?  I just don't want to trigger something that would make them report.  They send emails every couple of months but don't ever call. 


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Re: Pay Collections not on report?

Which statue of limitations? The one for how long they can report it to the CRAs or the one for how long they can sue you for a judgment?

Because after seven years from the DOFD they can’t put it on your credit report.
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Re: Pay Collections not on report?

First, who is the debt collector?  Many debt collectors have started a process where they will either not report or will remove the report if you pay or settle the account.  


Second, what type of debt is it?  


Third, as was mentioned by the other poster, there are two SOL periods.  Do you know when the account first went past due?


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Re: Pay Collections not on report?

I have the same issue. Mine is with comcast for $50. It went to collections. I probably paid about $10 but it never hit my CRA and the other day when I tried to go pay it online on the collection website, it said the account was closed and I couldn't make a payment. IDK, so I just left it at that.

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