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Pay For Delete Question

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Pay For Delete Question

Hello, I have a question and it might be a silly one! Are PFD's only for accounts that are in collection? I have a jewelry account that is closed that I am paying on it is still with the OC. a year ago it was 120 days late but since then has been on time every month. I would like to PIF the reast of the account but I was wondering if I should do a PFD and offer to PIF... I'm not sure if this is how PFD's work or not so any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks so much Smiley Happy

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Re: Pay For Delete Question

You can PFD an account when it is charged off or closed, what you may be looking for if I'm not mistaken is Goodwill or "GW". You can request a GW to remove the lates, or if the account is closed, offer to PIF in exchange for the removal of the lates, or the entire TL if it won't hurt your AAoA.

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Re: Pay For Delete Question

Sure you can ask for a PFD from the OC.   That's one of the bread and butters of a PFD.  

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Re: Pay For Delete Question

A PFD is a private contract offer.  Most anything is game unless the offer contains provisions that are in violation of some statute.


There is no statutory prohibition against deletion based on payment of the debt.  The furnisher can always assert that they cannot accept a PFD based on their seperate reporting contract with the CRAs, but that is their internal issue.  Nothing improper with a consumer requesting deletion.

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