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Pay for Delete

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Pay for Delete

My husband and I applied for a USDA loan. We were told that we had to get 2 collections (the only ones on his report) deleted in order to be approved. Lender specifically said deleted, "paid in full" would do nothing for us.I called the collections agency, offered paying IN FULL in exchange for deletion. The "supervisor" actually told me that they would rather have the amount unpaid than delete it for us. Now... obviously this makes no sense. He was exteremly rude, so I don't know if I could get somewhere with a different person on the phone. But, does anyone have any tips for successfully negotiating a pay for delete? Again, the amount is small ($211) and I offered to pay in full, no settlement required. It is a medical debt, the name of the company is Stallings Financial. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Pay for Delete

Send a PFD by mail, also look at climbing up the ladder to someone who can make things like this happen.

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Re: Pay for Delete

h  i  p  p  a       ?

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Re: Pay for Delete

Their reporting agreements with the CRAs stipulate that they are not to delete prior reporting based on payment of the debt.

Thus, they are complying with their reporting obligations, which is often incorporated into internal policy passed down to underlings.

Some get PFD or GW acceptance by getting to an ear up the management chain, who has discretion to grant exceptions to their standard "policy."

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