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Pay off a charge off?

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Pay off a charge off?

Due to a job loss with extended unemployment, a divorce, blah blah my stellar credit record was shot down in flames...
The status for this credit card is showing charged off but has a balance....they sold the debt to a CA and of course they are hounding me and offering a reduced payment.
The ??s from me are -
Do I still owe the balance to the credit card company?
Do I make a deal with the CA? Should I?
Will this stay on my record even if I don't pay the CA?
I am so dang confused...I paid out all my debt except for this one  grrrrrrrrrr
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Re: Pay off a charge off?

If you are sure they SOLD the account to the CA...they should be reporting $0 balance...dispute as incorrect balance...the CCC probably wrote the debt off...but you still owe somebody...What is your SOL????...DV the CA...make sure it's the Full Media Validation letter...if they verify...send them a PFD letter....
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