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PayPal Repayment Difficulty

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PayPal Repayment Difficulty

Well, I have been cleaning up 4 negative accounts now that I am able. PayPal Credit was last on my list. I have no access to a statement with account number (physical or electronic), no access to the debt (online or physical) to verfiy amounts of charges.


So I call in with the intent to make payment, hopefully through a setrlement offer but if not through 2 payments spaced about a month a part on a payment plan to halt any collection activity. Believe it or not, I was unable to make a payment plan because I had lodged a "cease and desist" complaint against PayPal when my acount went delinquent. I would only do such a thing if I were being harrassed; I never blocked other lenders or even collection agencies from contacting me. I could fax a request to void the cease and desist, it seems, but that is just to open dialogue. It does not guarantee payment settlement or plan will be authorized.


My next step was to request written confirmation via email of my current dent and an account number to associate with it. Not only for my files, but for repayment docuemntation purposes. They can't do so, but they can give me the full account number over the phone. Useless for written documentation purposes. So I left it at they have just decided they don't want the $4000 because I am not paying it in full today nor without written documentation verifying the debt.


Does anyone else find this an odd experience? They still have the charged-off debt after more than a year. Yet they won't make it easy to pay. Never had this much frustration trying to a debt (especially thousands of dollars).

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Re: PayPal Repayment Difficulty

Since you sent the C&D they have no other choice. If you want to negotiate cancel the C&D, it can always be reinstated later.

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