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Paying off dues

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Paying off dues

I have taken an auto loan and Discover Card back in 2019 when I was working for a company. 


Pre-covid I went to my home country and couldn't come back until last month.


During this time, my Discover and Auto Loan got defaulted. 


Auto loan was initially 11000 - paid in good standing until Jan 2020.

Discover payments were also on time until Jan 2020. My score was 760 before I left to my home.


Now, the current balances are 


Auto Loan - 3770 - charged off (they sold the car on my behalf)


Discover - 2770 - charge off (asked me to speak to the attorney)


My score has fallen to 513 now. Could you please help me how to approach this? 


I am willing to payoff completely and get out of this mess as soon as possible. I have money ready right now. Is there a way to remove the charge off from the record?


please help.



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Re: Paying off dues

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Sounds really tough. 
however some collections will do a Pay for Delete (PFD) and that is a great way to go to remove the collection account from your credit report. 

Unfortunately I believe the charge offs will stay on your record though for 7 years from Date of First Deliquency (DOFD). The late payments will also stay on for 7 years. I believe there's not much else you can do but pay it, wait, and get some other cards in the mean time to start building back up. If anyone else has some advice they can weigh in Smiley Happy 


I myself am rebuilding and waiting for old charge offs and late payments to fall off. I did get a boost once I paid my collections off on my scores but they are still quite damaged from the late payments still showing. Few years left for me.. good luck!

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Re: Paying off dues

You're in the right place. I would do a search on the 'goodwill letter' policy here. People have been able to walk back alot just by the way they approach these companies. Maybe you can use some of that language when you contact the creditors, and possibly repair your relationship with either one of them.

Can't say more than that. But there are alot of wise people in this place. Someone else will have better input on it. Kudos to you for rebuilding and coming back from where you were.

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Re: Paying off dues

Unfortunately, charge-offs don't get removed.  The only reason a charge-off would be removed from your reports would be if there was an error, but if it's accurate, it will remain.  It's not like a collection that you can negotiate to be removed after you pay.  Even if you pay the charge-offs, they will continue to remain on your reports for 7 years from the date of first default.   They will stop updating every month and will reflect a zero balance, but the charge-offs themselves will stay on your reports until the 7 years is up.  Sadly, there is no way to get them removed any sooner.

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Re: Paying off dues

As others have said, it's good you're willing to address your past debts, but unfortunately the CO won't get removed just by paying it. Still, paying it will help some because the monthly updates will stop and the utilization hit from the Discover card will go away (it counts as a maxed out account since it was COd).


Best you can do for both of those accounts is pay them and then try for a GW removal of the negative TLs, but temper expectations as GW removals are very rare.

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