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Payment Status On Paid Off Closed Account

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Re: Payment Status On Paid Off Closed Account

@tebtengri wrote:

Finance company/dealer paid it off but even then the current status should be paid and pays as agreed as they ultimately got paid the entire balance in full 6 years ago even if that added one 30 day late at the time shouldn't it?

Hang on, you're saying that this 6 year old account which was paid in full is still reporting that you have a balance owed?  You can post screen shots here, the forum does support photos.  


If it's paid and closed 6 years ago and the current status being reported is anything other than paid/closed, then I would definitely dispute that.  When was the last time that this creditor reported the status?  

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Re: Payment Status On Paid Off Closed Account



Equifax via Experian AppEquifax via Experian App


TU as shown via Experian appTU as shown via Experian app

All 3 apps show the same data as the Experian app. Basically Experian is showing it as currently paid. It looks like the other 2 are saying I'm currently 30 days past due as of today and have been 30 days past due since God knows when.

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