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Pending Judgement(s)


Pending Judgement(s)

I am new to this but I currently have 2 accounts pending judgements.  1 was dismissed for lack of account information provided by the CA.  I just got a letter from them stating they sent a letter to the court asking for the case to be reopened yet they did not provide me with any account documentation.  This account does not show up on my Equifax credit report.  Is it possible that the CA is just not reporting this account to Equifax?  I'm in Ohio and the account I believe falls under a written contract with long SOL.  I want to fight this because obviously it is quite derogatory to have a judgment on CR.  Should I pull other CR agencies to see if it reports on there?  If it doesn't report on any of the CRA should I fight back?  I need suggestions and willing to provide further info if necessary. 
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Re: Pending Judgement(s)

A creditor may chose which CRA they wish to report to. Some will report to all 3, some only to 1 or 2 of them. There are a few CAs who do not report to any of the 3.
You should certainly stay on top of this and appear in court each time.
What is your DOFD, DOLA, and SOL?
You said you "believed it was a written contract", what was it?
You can get your free reports from  You get 1 free report from each CRA every 12 months.
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