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Hello everybody! I sent a PFD letter for a CO to the OC who stills owns it about thirty days ago. No response yet. Should I try sending out another or just take the hit on my CR and pay the darn thing off. It was a co-signed card for girlfriend killed in car accident. I want this mess over with and have had a heck of a time on figuring out what's best.
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Re: Pfd

That's rough, sorry to hear. I would try again, you could always send in the death certificate.


Good Luck

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Re: Pfd

It certainly sounds as if you have good reasons for requesting deletion from your credit report in view of the circumstances.


Many furnishers have internal polces not to delete based on payment of the debt, in view of their business agreement with the CRAs.

Thus, underlings often arent granted discretion to grant deletions.


I would advise contacting a manaagment official by phone, and making a personal request to one who has authority to grant exceptions to their normal policy.

I would pursue a PFD, but not by simply sending another request to a metal desk.

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Re: Pfd

GECRB denied pfd attempt. Smiley Sad

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