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Phone problems - Verizon (AFNI) and ATT (EOS CCA) - Need some advice

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Phone problems - Verizon (AFNI) and ATT (EOS CCA) - Need some advice

Who would have thought that telephones could be so difficult?  I have 2 CAs on my reports for phone bills.


The first is AFNI for around $50.  When I DVed, they sent me a Verizon statement showing my land line phone number and "FINAL BILL" from 4 years ago.  Problem is, I have had the same land line number since 1991 uninterrupted.  I don't know what to do from here.  How do I prove I never had a final bill? 


The second was from ATT.  They have apparently sold a phantom account that was about $2500 in 2007 to EOS who is now looking for over $3600.  It is out of SOL.  I waited for the SOL to run out and DVed them.  They have not responded yet (only a week in) but have noted the dispute on my reports.  This was when ATT decided to switch my plan on me because they thought it would be helpful to me (really?).  They eventually agreed to rescind the charges on the phone, but apparently changed their mind when I dumped them shortly thereafter.  I didn't know about it until a CA (not EOS) started calling a couple years ago.


Thoughts on either?  I guess there is nothing to do but wait another 4 weeks on EOS to see what happens but I am not sure where to go on AFNI.  I have tried PFD once prior to DV.  No response.  I'd pay the $50 to get rid of it but they don't seem to PFD.

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Re: Phone problems - Verizon (AFNI) and ATT (EOS CCA) - Need some advice

OH  my call verizon and with your current bills in hand speak to accounting ask for supervisor NICE NIce NICE as for the other call their bluff if they do not have signed documentation allowing a change in your plan and they are doing the rolly polly  these should be fairly easy by the soumds of it but very annoying good luck

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