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Pinnacle Asset Group

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Pinnacle Asset Group

I am trying to find information on a company.


I keep getting calls from a "Legal Assistant" from a company named Pinnacle Asset Group. I have never received anything from this company, and they claim I owe a debt with them.


Is this the same company as Asset Acceptance group? I have sent them a cease and desist letter because any debt that I had is from '99-'02 which is past the SOL in any state.


They only leave me a phone number asking me to call them to state my legal intent or verify my character judgement on the case which sounds fishy. Since I have not received a letter from this company except for an Asset Acceptance I am not even sure where to send a cease and desist, or a letter asking to verify the validity of this debt.


Any ideas?

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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

I had an account in collections with pinnacle credit services, never heard them called pinnacle asset group though.


pinnacle credit services is here



SAINT LOUIS PARK, MN 55426 (952) 939-810


HOPKINS , MN 55343
(952) 939-8100



Hope that helps.

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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

The phone number they told me to contact is 866-751-2884 but I cannot find any information matched to this number. Not sure who is connected to what.
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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

Hey there!


I am looking for the same company you were looking for. They have called demanding $ from an old debt (supposedly) but have failed to provide me with anything but a bunch of numbers and legal threats basically. The same phone number 1866-751-2884. I requested for them to mail me something to prove that I indeed owed this debt...they have diverted around my question with more demands & threats to file suit against me! The offer they gave me was impossible for me to agree to...if it is my debt! I told him I will not pay or agree to anything unless I have something in writing yet they still call & I have received nothing by mail.


What ever happened with your situation ....with them calling you? Did you find out more about who they claim to be?



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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

I was made aware of a collection on my Credit Report with Pinnacle Credit Services 2 weeks ago stating I owed $70 for an old Alltel bill. I called them that day and spoke to somebody and asked them to send me a bill as I had never recieved any correspondence regarding this. The guy on the phone freaked out and got rude and then asked if I wanted the original bill from Alltel and I said yes that will be fine. He said they would mail it to me and then verified my current address. I never disputed this with the CRA's as I believed this was a legit bill from when I switched cellphone carriers, but lo and behold the entry has been deleted from all 3 CRA's without any further contact. I guess they could no longer verify the debt.

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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

The FDCPA is supposed to remedy this "phantom debt collector" communication with the consumer.

FDCPA 809(a) is about as clear as it could be.

When any debt collector makes an "initial communication" with you, be it by phone, pony express, email, posting to your credit report, or in writing,  they are specificaly required, under FDCPA 809(a) to provide you written notice, within  5-days of that initial communication, what is commonly called a formal "dunning notice."

In that notiice, they must identify themselves as a debt collector, provide a contact address for making a DV request under FDCPA 809(b), disclose to you the amount of the debt, the name of the original creditor, and advisement of your so-called "mini-miranda" rights to dispute and formally request debt validation within 30-days of the date of their formal written notification, under FDCPA 809(b).

Do NOT call them.  Period.  

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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

I think any notice of debt delivered by pony express is past SoL and CRTP.  This also applies to debt collection notice delivered by telegraph.

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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

They are two diffrent company's . Pinnacle assett group did file suit against my mother and won a defauly judgement in dec of 2010 . Its bull crap what they get away with , a 300 card limit turnd into almost $3000 by time there office fee's and the county's fees are added . I will never own another cc !!!

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Re: Pinnacle Asset Group

mauve - What about courrier pigeons? Is that legit?

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