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Playing tennis with CBE Group & SW Credit - Time Warner

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Playing tennis with CBE Group & SW Credit - Time Warner

So I had an account with TWC back in 2012 in a different state. I moved in 2013 to a new state, and I called TWC to put the account in one of my old roommates's names. Flash forward 5 years... apparently TWC never made the change, let my old roommates move an account in my name (and my SS #) to a different address, and they must have cancelled the account w/o returning equipment sometime later (I believe 2015). First time I hear about it is from CBE Group in 2017. I tell them the same info as seen above, and of course, TWC has changed names 3 times so they have no records going back to when they were actually TWC. Although, they can see that 1) the account was moved in 2013 and 2) the email address was changed. I was on the phone with TWC (sorry Spectrum cable) for hours to get them to tell CBE that they made a mistake and to remove the collection, which they did... ..Except about a year later, it pops back up as Southwest Credit, with all of the same information, except the dates keep changing so that it looks like it is something I didn't pay in 2018. Did the same thing as before, except I had to dispute the account because it never disappeared this time. Fine, whatever. I'm thinking this should be over with but... ... Flash forward to 2019, it pops back up as CBE Group again. I guess they love selling this collection back & forth. Anyways, TWC has been impossible to communicate with this time, and the dispute to get rid of it was denied. Do I have any recourse against TWC/CBE Group at this point? I'm not dumping $500 to make this go away, and TWC clearly has records somewhere buried in their system showing the person on the account at that time was not me (heck I lived 10 hours away). I don't want to have to sue these guys in small claims court, but I'm not sure what else to do. I was looking at a house and this popped up the same day I put in an application, tanking my score. If anything, if CBE knows that this collection is BS, admitted it 2 years ago, and is coming back trying to collect it again, there has to be something to protect a consumer from that. Sorry for the rant but I honestly am tired of dealing with this. The funniest part about all of this is that I've never received a piece of mail in regards to this either. No phone calls either. Just randomly dinging my CR.

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Re: Playing tennis with CBE Group & SW Credit - Time Warner

Yikes!!!  You might have to pay that off to get in the mortgage.  If you pay it and it has to stay on your report, it should fall off sometime in 2020 depending on you DOFD.  If somehow they are stating that your DOFD is 2018-2019 then that is a reporting inaccuracy and is grounds for dispute and could possibly be removed that way on the grounds of them not being able to validate it properly..Hopefully others will chime in and help you with this.  Good luck.  

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Re: Playing tennis with CBE Group & SW Credit - Time Warner

The DOFD never changes the date that they are reporting is just the date that they bought the debt and had permission to report it to the credit bureaus. If it defaulted in 2013 it would still fall off the original 7.5 years from that year which is somewhere in 2020.

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