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Please Explain This to me. Very confused.

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Please Explain This to me. Very confused.

I have been monitoring credit karma to wait for two collections to be deleted so I could then pull my actual fico score. Today the collections dropped off so I pulled my fico. The two collections dropped off and one account (Discover) was added. I only have one paid collection left that will be deleted next month. For some reason my score DROPPED 6 points. I was actually expecting a nice bump. I was very confused and quickly pulled up my old report from december to review and my new report is saying my paying history is "not good" this month after being "good" last month. This is AFTER having two collections completely deleted. I checked and everything else is the same. Utilization is actually lower and all accounts are in good standing. No additional inquiries. Please help me! So confused!

Cards: AMEX BCE (2k), Barclay Arrival Mastercard (4.3K), Chase Freedom (1K), Discover It (1.3k), SECU (2K), CapOne Quicksilver (750)

Current Scores- Experian- 695, Equifax- 689, Transunion-680

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Re: Please Explain This to me. Very confused.

So if two collections dropped off and one account was added, which was the Discover account.   Could be based off of two things, because the 2 collections were dropped off they probably had a long credit length of history versus  that Discover account.  Also it could be the balance on that Discover, remember collections and revolving credit are two different things are weight differently on your credit report.  Maybe someone has a better answer.

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Re: Please Explain This to me. Very confused.

I would agree that the previous post is a good guess.


Also, getting rid of two collections is a good step in the right direction but you won't see a big help until you have no collections.


Also, don't worry too much about a point loss of 6 points. Best to think of a change of 6 points in either direction as NO CHANGE.


Clean the reports up and your score will go up at some point.

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Re: Please Explain This to me. Very confused.

I'm sure AAoA took a good hit.   It's 2 baddies gone and a good TL added.  Big improvement to your CR.  Just keep the process going and the scores will follow.

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