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Please Help.....

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Re: Please Help.....

It's a little Obsurd to me to settle for less than exactly what you want with all 4 of those companies... They are big well established conpanies and no doubt have accepted PFD's before.

Keep trying - you'll thank me
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Re: Please Help.....

Also... And my last advice.

If the mail does not get accepted- email your PFD with a heartfelt explanation behind the reasoning for being late and how much you value the company that holds your debt. Look up email addresses for executive members/ceo's/corporate member for the afformentiones companies....

The only drawback I predict for you btw is in fact a VERY serious issue... And that is if the OC decides you are not willing to pay them an turns you over to a CA. If this happens your problems will be far more than just doubled.

Good luck friend.

It seems hard and fruitless at first- but it is all so very rewarding...
I'm 3 months into rebuilding and have seen MAJOR results - all due to being headstrong
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