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Please help with Certegy trying to buy a house

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Please help with Certegy trying to buy a house

I had an account with GoDaddy that I thought was cancelled and it renewed at $10.87 in 2010. The bank account I had listed was closed, and the ACH was returned. I have offered to pfd with Certegy 3 times and they flat out refused. I have opened disputes with the CFPB and BBB and Certegy just keeps giving the same canned response in return. I have talked to GoDaddy on the phone and they are saying if I pay them the $10.87 they will refund Certegy their money and that this will get them off my back. However I don't know if I have a way to get Certegy to remove the negative off my report. I never received anything from Certegy and the only reason I knew there was a debt was I saw the entry on my credit report. I am trying to buy a house now and they are saying I need this to be removed off my credit report first. I included the response that I have been getting from them just in case it would help. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't really know what to do next.

This is written in response to cubs52632's complaint as referenced above regarding claim number 2570XXXX in our files and on his credit report. Initially, we would like to apologize for the delay in our response to the complaint and assure you that we do understand the concern that may accompany this issue.

Certegy Check Services ("CCS") is a check authorization and warranty service. Our clients throughout the United States and other countries utilize the service to help reduce losses incurred through the retail practice of check acceptance. For many CCS clients, we assume payment responsibility should an authorized check subsequently be dishonored by the check writer's bank. When a check is returned unpaid, for any reason, it is forwarded to CCS. We, in turn, purchase the check and initiate collection actions through our subsidiary, Complete Payment Recovery Services, Inc. f/k/a Certegy Payment Recovery Services, Inc. ("CPRS").

With regard to cubs52632's complaint, claim number 2570XXXX in the amount of $10.87, presented an electronic debit ("ACH") to the account that cubs52632 originally used to begin service from them. sets up accounts for web based services which are automatically renewed each year. It is the responsibility of the consumer to keep informed of any changes to their account which might include, new banking information, or cancellation of service from Upon expiration of cubs52632 year-long contract, attempted to renew the service as the terms of service state. Unfortunately when submitted the ACH to cubs52632's bank, the ACH was returned as "account closed". Subsequently, sent the failed ACH information to CCS, CCS purchased it, and initiated collection as described above, adding a service charge in the amount of $30.00. Currently, our records indicate there is an open balance of $40.87. 

When the amount remained unpaid, it was reported to cubs52632's credit report. Neither CPRS nor CCS played any part in the return of this item; therefore we do not feel it incumbent upon us to remove this item from cubs52632 credit report. In addition, cubs52632 states that he cancelled this service with; however, tells us that no cancellation was recorded with them, but rather that cubs52632 used the service for one year after the date of this claim. Consequently informed us that this is a valid claim. Upon payment of this open balance, CCS and CPRS policy does not include removal from consumers' credit reports, however, we will report the claim as "paid".

In closing, we apologize for any miscommunication regarding this matter that may have occurred. If you or cubs52632 should have any questions, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 1-800-215-XXXX, extension XXXX.



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Re: Please help with Certegy trying to buy a house

bump for the night crowd

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Re: Please help with Certegy trying to buy a house

My suggestions -


1.  Pay the debt to the OC.

2.  Get a copy of the proof they have given a refund to the CA.

3.  GW the CA to remove it from your credit report.


Good luck!

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