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Portfolio Recovery JUDGMENT - DV or PFD????


Portfolio Recovery JUDGMENT - DV or PFD????

In 2011 Portfolio Recovery Services filed a judgment against me for an account that I previously had with HHGregg.  The original amount of the judgment was around $2,000, but has now increased to around $2,750 since then.  My dilemma is not knowing what to do NOW in order to resolve this issue.  Would a debt verification letter work at this point or have I given up any rights under a DV Letter since I didn't respond to the judgment within 30 days?  Is there a way to get them to agree to remove it?  Should I offer to settlement with them?  And if we do settle, would they remove it from my reports?  I do not have a lot of money, but would be willing to pay approximately $500 to resolve the issue if that would remove it.  I contacted the court and was told that they received a gree certified card, although they couldn't read the name.  I am working hard to clean up my credit and finally now realize the importance of having a good credit score.  Has anyone had any luck with getting items removed or settling with this company?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!

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Re: Portfolio Recovery JUDGMENT - DV or PFD????

A DV would serve no purpose here.  There's not any better validation than a court judgement against you.  I would try for a pay and have them vacate.

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Re: Portfolio Recovery JUDGMENT - DV or PFD????

You can't DV the courtts or a judgment. 


It sounds as though they may have gotten a default judgment because you didn't show up.  You can contact the clerk and find out what paperwork they have.


I can't say if the creditor would take $500 for a settlement, you would need to ask them.  They may refer you to their attorney.


A judgment is not as easily removed than other negative items.  Once paid it would need to be vacated and in some states they just don't allow it.



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Re: Portfolio Recovery JUDGMENT - DV or PFD????

I was afraid that I was too late for a DV letter.   Their attorney sent me a letter a few weeks ago offering a settlement which was much too high for my budget.  I will write a letter to the attorney to see if they will settle for a smaller amount.  Thanks for the advice!

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