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Portfolio Recovery Payment plan/settlement


Portfolio Recovery Payment plan/settlement

I've been in a payment plan with portfolio recovery for a couple years for some old debt. Does anyone know if they will negotiate a payoff (for less than owed) if you are in a payment plan? Midland Credit wouldn't accept lower. I may be leaving the country and was hoping to resolve before I leave. Also wondering if I should mention that? If im not able to payoff before I leave im not even sure I'll be able to make payments from a foreign bank account.

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Re: Portfolio Recovery Payment plan/settlement

It never hurts to call and ask. 

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Re: Portfolio Recovery Payment plan/settlement

Yes they should. Or at least, they did for me. I was on a payment plan for a ~$9k debt for a couple of years, and when I improved my credit some and managed to qualify for a small personal loan, I took the loan out and contacted PRA and offered a lump sum settlement and after a bit of negotiating, we came to a mutual agreement and I paid them the lump sum that day.

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