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Portfolio Recovery has offered Pay For Delete?

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Portfolio Recovery has offered Pay For Delete?

Just received a letter today from PRA. At first it looked like the usual that I just toss out, but this one has an additional offer under the "Account Offers" that offer to settle for less than the amount on the account. It says:


"The savings will be applied to the balance and your account will be considered paid-in-full for less than the full balance after your final payment is successfully posted. Within approximately 30 days of your final payment successfully posting, we will request that the three major credit reporting agencies delete our tradeline related to your account from your credit bureau report. We are not obligated to renew this offer."


This doesn't feel as solid as Midland's pfd policy, but I'm wondering if anyone has already received and taken advantage of this offer and found PRA honored it or if the written claim would be useful if they refused to delete after payment.


This is the last negative mark on my credit report, and I'd honestly be willing to just pay the few hundred dollars if it benefited me instead of waiting around for PRA to sue me or for the statue of limitations to come up (about 3 years from now), especially since I may be offered a promotion at work soon that would require moving and subjecting my credit report to scrutiny by potential landlords. 


So if my main goal is to get this account off my credit report asap (within the next couple months is fine), and I'm willing to pay a few hundred dollars for it, is this good news or just another letter I should throw away?

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Re: Portfolio Recovery has offered Pay For Delete?

The PFD is legit. There are now numerous examples of PRA deleting paid debts. 

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Re: Portfolio Recovery has offered Pay For Delete?

Awesome! Thanks! Glad they're finally coming around!

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Re: Portfolio Recovery has offered Pay For Delete?

Yup, their policy changed around Sept of last year.
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Re: Portfolio Recovery has offered Pay For Delete?

I did this with PRA and it can take upwards of 2 months after your payment has cleared for the removal to happen so be patient.
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