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Portfolio won't close accounts

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Re: we havent disputed Re: Portfolio won't close accounts

I'm shocked! After filling our complaint with the CFPB, I did not know what to expect from Portfolio. Today we got a email from CFPB stating that PRA had responded and the complaint was closed. I opened the email and read the response from PRA. They agreed to do the right thing and payoff the accounts with the requested payments we made back in December. They even, somewhat, acknowledged that they never sent us what they called the "overpayment refund check". Additionally they said that as was their practice they will be removing both accounts from the CRA. 11 months of stressing looks to be over. It really pays to be diligent in keep all communications, getting names and maintaining records of proof of payment. Thanks for all the suggestions from members on this forum. Hope this helps someone.
Here's what PRA said:
Consistent with our policy, PRA already requested that the consumer reporting agencies delete our tradeline for the PRA account ending in XXXX and within approximately 30 days we will also request the consumer reporting agencies delete the PRA account ending in XXXX from their consumer reports.
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