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Potential Problem Lurking

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Potential Problem Lurking

Hi Everyone,


I've been working very hard for the past 6 years to get my credit into excellent shape and will be buying my first home next year.  Unfortunately, when I got back from vacation today, something terrible happened.  My heart sunk when I opened a letter from a CA stating I owed over $200 to their client.  (even worse, it's for a service I don't use anymore!)  After catching up on all of my VMs, there were 2 messages from the CA too.  At first, I thought it was a mistake, but after checking my records, it appears I'm on the hook for the amount owed every year unless I carry out a series of steps to cancel the service.


I've searched this forum for over 2 hours trying to figure out the best thing to do.   The CA still hasn't reported as of this afternoon.   Their dunning letter was dated 12/6.   Can anyone suggest the best way to handle this so it doesn't show up on my file?  I can PIF immediately.  Should I contact the OC and try to get them to pull it back?  (I moved, so I didin't receive this year's invoice and simply forgot about it).  Should I do a DV with the CA even though I know it's likely valid?


TIA for any insight!


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Re: Potential Problem Lurking

You can send a modified PFD to word if you PIF they won't report.

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