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Previously blocked fraud account reporting again?!!

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Previously blocked fraud account reporting again?!!

Hey guys! So I have been quietly gardening in my corner for the last 18 months waiting for my last two charged off accounts to age off next month.  Since I am within the the 30 days for these accounts to drop off I requested an EE from Transunion, Equifax and Experian.  Besides the EE, I also filed a 605B block on a fraudulent account that I have been consistently fighting TU about.  This has been my 5th attempt to have it corrected in 2 years.  Now today I found the fraudulent account back on my Experian report and my scores pummeled almost 50 points.  Why would an account that has been proven to be fraud showing up again on my EX report almost two years after it was blocked?! I am assuming that it is due to my dispute with Transunion but I'm not sure.  The OC agrees the account is fraud and req for it to not be reported.  EQ and EX blocked the accounts and it's been "off" my credit report for 2 years.  What the hell?  TU is the bane of my existence!!  Any suggestions on how to get this fixed once and for all would be greatly appreciated!  As always thanks for sharing your knowledge with me!!

Starting Scores: 07/2021 EX: 488 EQ: 499 TU: 518
02/2022: EX: 646 EQ: 607 TU: 650
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Re: Previously blocked fraud account reporting again?!!

Under 30 days no reason for EE. Could have waited it out. It sparked updates and that may have made it reappear. File a complaint with the CFPB and may be time for a FRCA lawyer.

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