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Privacy Assist or Credit Check Total

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Privacy Assist or Credit Check Total

I know both give FAKO scores and are generally for monitoring and combating credit issues.  Just curious which is better? 


Privacy Assist is through Bank of America and only $12.99/mo.  Does it offer unlimited report pulls?


Credit Check Total is $19.99/mo (heard you can get $9.99/mo) and through (same people that "trick" you into Triple Advantage).  But I believe you do get unlimited report pulls.  


Any help would be appreciated.  I am looking for something so I can start cleaning up bad items.


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Re: Privacy Assist or Credit Check Total



YMMV - but I tried both and quickly cancelled privacy assist and continue to use CCT (for 9.95$ per month).  I was looking for a service where I could review my credit reports as frequently as I wanted - to track lates dropping off etc.  CCT gave me this option and although I ignore the scores I feel that the trending is likely correct.


BOA Privacy assist seemed to me to be more of a notification system and as I recall, you get a summary report (all 3 CRA) every 90 days - as opposed to upon request with CCT (every 24hr if you want).  Privacy assist sent email alerts - with what I considered to be scare tactics - here is an example email - and while none of it was incorrect - the "flavor' did not sit well with me.



"During the past 31 days, your Bank of America® Privacy Assist Premier(TM) service reports no significant changes or activity in your credit files. 

Because the threat to your credit is real, the service will continue to monitor your credit files at the three major credit reporting agencies - Equifax(R), Experian(R) and TransUnion(R) - every business day and alert you via e-mail as suspicious activity is detected.

Identity thieves not only rob you of your credit, money, and time - they steal your good name. The Privacy Assist Premier service helps you stay informed and allows you to act quickly when potentially negative changes appear in your credit file.

To view your credit information and scores anytime, day or night, log in to " member" While there, be sure to "test drive" the Credit Analyzer and learn how "what if?" scenarios may impact your credit score. You'll also find financial calculators and resources. It's information you can't afford to be without.
These valuable credit management solutions, along with the convenience of e-mail alerts to certain suspicious credit file activity and your credit information, are at your fingertips. "



There is a 30 day free trial to both (although I think that for CCT you cannot update your reports during that time -which sort of defeats the object) so you could try both and see what you think.  CCT was my choice 




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Re: Privacy Assist or Credit Check Total

I like Credit Check Total. It is easy to get them down to 9.95. Just call right before the trial expires and tell the CSR you will stay on for 9.95 and they will do it with no problem. Also, you can pull a new CR everyday!
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Re: Privacy Assist or Credit Check Total

I have CCT and like it - as I sit in the quiet with my tea in the morning before the monsters wake up I always pull a new daily report to track what's updating and dropping off.  Like an idiot I am still paying the $22 odd a month for it.  (BTW during the CCT trial you can pull new reports after the first 7 days).


Recently Orchard Bank started pressing me to try their Credit Keeper and seeing as it was free for the first 30 days I said OK as I was curious to compare Experian fakos.  


I'm still in the enrollment phase there, so I'm not sure how often you can pull.  They said on the phone you could pull every day.  If that turns out to be true I might keep that because it's def more in-depth and fico-like about explaining your report and what's affecting it.  It has those fun simulators too that make no sense, LOL.  It's only $9.99 a month after the trial, so I figure if I decide to keep it I'll cancel CCT and if they offer me the lower rate than I can have both monitors for what I was paying before for one.

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