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Progress mgmt inc.

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Progress mgmt inc.

I chk my credit report n this collection for the city of Detroit shows up. I call the collection agency to find out why I have a collection for $100. They tell me it was for a parking violation on Nov. 12, 2008. I say I never recvd a notice or anything. I learn they simplt go off the name on file for the license plate. Apparently my lovin hubby got the ticket but he thought I paid it. Long story short, the city sent several notices to a old address n it was never forwarded to my new address. I never recvd anything at all on this. Today I paid the ticket but the damage is done to my credit now. How in the world can u b expected to pay a debt that u never recvd? Seems the sensible thing to do is remove it from mt report. I want to sue this collection agency. Any thoughts? So much for getting a mortgage in this lifetime. I simply dont understand how they can get away w doing this to people.

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Re: Progress mgmt inc.

WHo is the collection agency? do you know the DOFD for sure? You can either send them a GW letter, or DV letter which has worked on some paid collections.


Good Luck!

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