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Progress report for Jan

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Progress report for Jan

Only a few more days left in Jan. As of right now this is what I have ocomplished. 


One 30 day late removed 

paid off two accounts

one derogatory removed

two collections deleted


I paid off the two items that were in collections. So I figured they called me almost everyday trying to collect. Why cant I call them every day to have the item removed! So after  being hung up on twice they finally realized I wasn't going to stop. Bottom line, the items were deleted. now let's see how the score are going to reflect. 

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Re: Progress report for Jan

I did that once to a really shady collection agency who refused to send me anything in the mail but called me all day long every day, and they threatened to sue me for harassment.  I told them to go riiiiight ahead.

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Re: Progress report for Jan

congrats OP nice work!


i Like your thinking on the repetitive return calls to delete! haha

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