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I have not seen anyone post about this situation yet, and I am puzzled.  In January I started getting serious about cleaning up my credit.  I have paid some collections, sent PFD letters (although I haven't been able to get anyone to agree yet) and have DV'd several CA's and several new CA's trying to collect either on behalf of another creditor or because they bought the account from the OC.


 I have had a couple of things deleted either through the CA offering to delete if I paid a settlement, and one deleting after I paid a settlement even though they wouldn't agree to a PFD.   I signed up with True Credit because I have used that CMS before.  Initially I signed up for the 3 bureau CM, but a day or two after that, was informed by e-mail that they weren't able to add my EQ report for some reason, so they were changing me to only the TU monitoring for a lesser amount.  I have read other posters mention the Scorewatch from EQ, and I thought that sounded like a good thing to subscribe to, so tried subscribing to that.  I was informed that it couldn't be done at that time.  


I called EQ and they couldn't seem to come up with a reason why except they said my credit file, was very long and thought that was why it couldn't be added or I couldn't subscribe to Scorewatch.  I thought it might have something to do with my disputing 2 CL's in January on all 3 CR's.  I decided to give it a while before I tried again.  I waited about 6 weeks and then tried again last week, but the same thing happened.  I called EQ again and was told that it wouldn't have anything to do with the disputes (which by the way I never received any notification from EQ about the conclusions of the disputes but I did from TU and EX in which they were deleted, so I'm assuming they were deleted from EQ also).  


Again they told me it probably was because my credit file was so lengthy.  The last several years the only way I was able to make it financially was to take out loans at every finance company in town.  I would pay the monthly payment for several months and then when I had a little bit available I would refinance it and take the available cash.  I know this was a stupid thing to do, but was the only way I could make ends meet.  Finally in September 2011, I was able to pay them all off and haven't renewed any of them, but there are numerous entries for these finance companies on my credit report, but not one of them was ever late.  


There are also quite a few medical collections on my report along with a few other collection accounts.  The representative that I spoke with on the phone suggested that I dispute with EQ and ask them to remove some of the entries.  This just doesn't make any sense to me.  I should be able to monitor my credit reports no matter how long it is.  The representative tried to get me to purchase a one time 3 bureau credit report for $39.95, but I don't want a one time CR.  I want to be able to monitor all 3 of my credit reports every day if I choose to.  


Anyway, I did send off a dispute to EQ with all the issues that I have with my EQ report, so hopefully something will work out.  I don't think I should have to have any of my positive accounts deleted just to shorten my CR.   The other 2 CR's have essentially the same information, so I don't understand why there is an issue with EQ.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Sorry this post is to lengthy.

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I took the liberty of breaking up your post into smaller paragraphs. This makes it much easier to read and therefore easier to understand.


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Re: Puzzled

I see no basis for disputing the inclusion of accurate information from your credit file based on the fact that you have numerous other creditors reporting.

No inaccuracy or incompleteness = no basis for a dispute under the FCRA.

I agree, you are getting double-talked.  Internal problems with use of a credit monitoring service might be an issue, but that is the problem of the monitoring service.

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