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Question about debt validation

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Question about debt validation

If I have been dealing with the same collections agency for like 3 years now, can I ask them to validate the debt and they are still obligated to under FDCPA? I never did when they first sent me the letter saying they were collecting on the debt. 

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Re: Question about debt validation

A DV request does not require a debt collector to validate a debt.

The intent of the DV process is to protect consumers from continued debt collection activites until they have been provided sufficient information to evaluate the legitimacy and amount of an asserted debt.  They can choose, upon receipt of a timely DV, to cease collection on the debt without providing verification.


The ability of a consumer to invoke a cease collcetion bar expires after 30-days from their receipt of dunning notice.  Presuming the debt collector sent prior dunning notice more than 30 days ago, a DV imposes no requirements or restrictions upon them.


You can, of course, still send a request for verification of the debt, but they can choose to simply ignore it, and go on about their business.

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