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Question about disputing

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Re: Question about disputing

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Okay, so the OC was Aaron's, we had one account for a bed and a TV. I pulled my husband TransUnion report but it isn't listed, the report that it's listed on I have to send his information to verify as obvious the information listed didn't match what I entered.Is ths on EQ or EX? Last year when we were working with a credit repair company, they sent out dispute letters and we received validation back from a few but this one company we never received anything.CRC's can mess so much up. I was asking if we should do another request for a validation of the debt and how to handle it if we don't receive anything from them?

If you have a copy of the validation letter that the CRC sent to the OC. And the debt collector does not send sufficient proof of the debt, it is not allowed to continue collecting the debt from you. That includes listing the debt on your credit report. You can dispute the debt that hasn't been adequately validated with the credit bureaus. Send the credit bureau a copy of your debt validation letter along with the certified and return receipts to help get the account removed from your credit report.

To add to RobertEG’s response, credit reporting is not considered an initial communication that triggers one’s right to request validation from a debt collector under the FDCPA. Therefore, sending a validation request due to finding a derogatory tradeline on one’s credit report does not require a debt collector to cease collection efforts (including credit reporting) or to validate the debt.  

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