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Question about federal tax liens and judgement?

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Question about federal tax liens and judgement?

Federal Tax Lien Question - I have read on these forums that if you DV a federal tax lien the courts will not reply because they do not have time. I have a tax lien showing on all three reports but it has been released. If I DV is there a chance that they will be deleted from all three if the courts do not answer?


Judgement Question - I also have a judgement from 2007 that was paid probably four years ago. Any way to get that off of my report. Same question with a lien, if I DV will they not answer because the judgement has been paid?


Thanks everyone for your help. I have been scouring these forums for a few months now trying to figure out how to get my scores above 640 so i can buy a house. A wealth of info here, thanks again.

Starting Score: 9/1/12 - EX:527 - EQ:586 - TU:547 - FICO:586
Current Score: 1/23/13 - EX:651 - EQ:679 - TU:628 - FICO:679
Goal Score: 700
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