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Question about going right to the OC.

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Question about going right to the OC.

I have 2 collections with Asset acceptance that will reach SOL in september. These will be the last baddies to fall off my report in Sep of 09 and I'm trying to get them off before that. I have DV'd and the CRA are unwilling to accept my argument that they did not properly validate, and then I sent a PFD for the whole amount (about $400.00) and of course I got no response back.
I was wondering if I could some how go directly to the OC to pay them and have the TL's removed?
Would it be better to pay Asset acceptance the whole amount and then send a barage of GW letters?
Anybody out there have any success with GW this CA?
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Re: Question about going right to the OC.

If the OC hasn't sold the accounts, you can ask them to pull them back from collections and accept payment.
It will be up to the OC and depend a lot on whether they have sold the account or not.
Once past SOL, you may have more luck with PFD.
If the OC will not work with you, then wait until SOL expires, then send them a past SOL/PFD letter.
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