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Question about three six year old medical collections.

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Question about three six year old medical collections.

Hello. I currently pulled my TU score from here today and it was 687. Would like to get up to 700 before home shopping.

I have 3 medical collections all due to fall off next year around this time. So my question is... Is it really worth trying to pay for delete these things? Amounts are for $615 $450 and 21 dollars. I mean really who sends me to collections for 21 dollars!!!! I really do not feel like dealing with some low life collection agencies.


I know there is no way to really predict if I would see a score increase or not. So I am open for any ideas. Thank you for your time.

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Re: Question about three six year old medical collections.

Send them a DV, I know it's probably just a waste of time but some have had luck ridding the TL with just a DV.  Especially since they are medical and that old.  When are you wanting to apply for a mortgage?   Some lenders want all these taken care of before approval.  Can you do a PFD?   You can probably even get them to settle for less since it's outside the SOL and time is running out on their ability to report.


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