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Questionable old debt??

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Questionable old debt??

Hi, my wife received two phone calls today (1/12/22), from a debt collector she has never heard of. The debt is supposedly from 2012 and this is the first we have heard of it. Do we have to pay this?



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Re: Questionable old debt??

If it is from 2012 it is probably beyond Staute Of Limitations. They can not sue you or report it on credit reports. If you make or agree to make payments you can risk reseting the SOL. Just be careful.

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Re: Questionable old debt??

It sounds very much like it could be a scam call, even if the debt is actually valid it is well beyond the statute of limitations. You guys should be fine.

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Re: Questionable old debt??

Hi all, thanks for responding, she has just received and email from collector (about an hour ago), via docusign. She has click on the link to read the doc, but did not sign. Does clicking on the docusign document restart the clock?

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Re: Questionable old debt??

No, clicking the link does not restart the clock.  Signing it may very well be an admission of the debt, so do not sign it.  


If they continue to contact you, tell them to go pound sand.  Send them a certified letter telling them to stop all communication with you regarding this matter and they have to abide by it as a matter of law.  I would send them that letter and be done with them.  Or, if they keep trying after getting that letter, then you sue them for FDCPA violation and let them pay you for your time.


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Re: Questionable old debt??

Never click on links in emails. Especially items like DocuSign. Never ever. It's the easiest way to get a virus on your computer. Even if it's from your bank, don't do it. Unless you know in advance from someone you trust that your being sent these documents, and even then I wouldn't trust it. I run computer security for multiple websites. 

As to the debt, if it's that old and yours, pay if you want but offer 10 cents on the dollar.


While they cant collect legally, you still owe it if it's yours. But if you do this, just tell them you have no idea who's debt it is, so please send you proof it's yours. 


Good luck

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