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Questions about GW'ing

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Questions about GW'ing

First off I have 3 paid medicals I have been dealing with since March.  I paid the OC.  The CA updated as paid.  I have asked the OC to recall and they refuse and I have asked the CA repeatedly to delete, the refuse.  I have asked over the phone and via email.  I think I am going to flood them with GW's like I have read some posts on here about. 


How often should I send them?  I have read once a week-once a month etc. 

Should I send them via snail mail, email, fax, all or rotate?

Should I change the letter every time?  Thus far I just update the date and send the same letter.


I know several of you are probably tired of me posting about these same paid medicals.  I'm sorry Smiley Sad I just want the stinking things gone.

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Re: Questions about GW'ing

Once a month for snail mail. Once a week for email and fax.


Just my 2¢.

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Re: Questions about GW'ing

More important to change the adressess than the substance.

Forum shop for a more favorable person rather than try to persuade the person who has already declined........

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Re: Questions about GW'ing

From what I've read about this CA they are a small CA in KS and each account is assigned to a single person.  So the correspondence all gets forwarded to that person. When I have called and get transfered to my case she says she has received all my emails, even tho they were mailed to different email addresses. All I can find is one phone number and one mailing address for them. And a fax number.

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Re: Questions about GW'ing

Faxed another GW.  Addressed the the CEO.  Fingers crossed.  I think this place is small enough that they probably all recognize my name by now and it will probably go in the trash...

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