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RJM Luck

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RJM Luck

As I await my medical process items, I have two RJM items to remove, one for $188 and one for $1258 (stupid WaMu kept allowing an ACH to OD my account).  I have heard success with emailing and not the DV CMRRR / PFD snail mail way so I wondered which is better?  If email is a good with these guys as the other, can someone who did it PM me the info they used to contact?  Also, what type of wording did you used when you emailed them and what recommendation would you offer, 188/50% of the other?  Should I send seperate emailsfor each?  Thanks.


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Re: RJM Luck

I just sent them a DV CMRR because they are trying to collect on a debt that doesn't belong to me. I'll keep you posted on what happens with it
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Re: RJM Luck

I have recently had success with RJM deleting an account for $87.00.  I called them (a big no, no I know,) after reading how friendly they were.  They offered to delete the account for a payment of $60.00, I counter-offered with $40.00 and the rep said ok, I can do that.  I asked for the agreement in writing and about an hour later, I received an email stating that the account would be deleted from my 2 credit reports.


Good luck!

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